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Daniel Botti. Buenos Aires, 2014

The first image that arises while roaming around the painting of Fernanda Rege, even before the visual grasp of the work itself, is one of profundity. All the proposed situations, all the depicted worlds take part of multiple readings. A first one, now based on colors and techniques, where at times experimentation takes a relevant part; but if the observer decides to go beyond, far into a work —a suggestive one almost from its origins because of the color palette—, they can go beyond the bare aesthetic fact and then be overflown by meaning. And so different levels start to appear like waves, the seas of this artist. 

Each painting of Fernanda unveils the reality and the universe in which it is contained. Based or not on literary images, the careful observation implies risks, as grasping what her paintings awaken is to dare to walk through the very essence of the one who watches. A painting can take days, months, years… It is undeniable that the finished painting reflects the different phases of the artist from the moment when the work is imagined until its concretion: days, months, years; but that creator does not take responsibility of the phase that the observer (perhaps another artist) is going trough when they stand in front of the profundity. 

That conjunction, which does not happen with all artists, does appear in the case of Fernanda. It might seem pretentious, it might seem absolute; in any case, it is not the work of the artist but this review that tries to depict the importance of the one who creates beyond the own and parnassian objective of creating. 

The creatures often swim in starred aquatic universes, arranging lights and shadows that goes from chaos to order only to revert again to chaos in the middle of the observation. Her questions remain sealed, indelible even inside her paintings. And we feel unavoidably modified when we finish the journey, moved and modified. Full of curiosity, infected with questions without answer. Suggestive abysses. 

After a careful observation of her painting, it is impossible not to want to meet her in person, as one emerges from the exhibition with the feeling that the explanation of reality is contained in her works; that she understands, senses, pulses with the universe and knows the answers. Very few can achieve such sensation in the communication of their art.

It might seem pretentious, but that is only before approaching to the paintings. 


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