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Ariel Mlynarzewicz, Buenos Aires, 2008

Fernanda is a temperamental painter.

Painting is vital to her, her true vocation, I think. She doesn’t get distracted; all her time, the amount that she gets to choose, is meant for her great passion: painting. This is shown trough her brushstrokes, her thick matter, the variety of colors that she uses. 

Her versatility solves a variety of topics, where figuration and abstraction join to achieve paintings of impeccable craft. 

Sensitive, profound, and subtle, an echo of her own interiority, this exhibition opens the pathway to the way of beauty.

Alejandro Gabriel Fernandez, Buenos Aires, 2009

In Fernanda's painting, timelessness gives rise to sensuality playing a starring role in each of the scenes. Through the movement, the chosen colors and the safe brushwork he uses, he shows us a marked personality as an artist and his ability to express himself aesthetically. The body and human warmth are always present, warmly inviting the viewer to an exaltation of the senses. When we look through those windows, the first thing we find is emotion, without overlooking technique, and then we are trapped by the force of beauty that opens the staging to a visual journey through his compositions, where water gives life with its seminal virtue.

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